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The bird population is declining dramatically. What you grow in your yard can make all the difference. You can hear the difference.

Two-Thirds yards are full of life. Yours can be too. You can help save the birds with a simple commitment to plant native plants and stop using pesticides.

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The Problem

North America has lost close to 3 billion birds since the 1970s, almost a third of the entire bird population. It is not just rare or endangered birds that we are losing, our familiar backyard songbird populations are disappearing too. The die-off is primarily attributed to loss of habitat and the use of pesticides.

Our yards are filled with exotic plants and empty of insects. Our birds have fewer and fewer bugs and berries to eat, no cavities for nesting, and no thickets for protection from predators.

Birds are the messengers for a much larger problem: canaries in coal mines, they are warning us about ecosystem-wide biodiversity collapse.

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The Solution

We are the solution. Our residential, ornamental and recreational landscapes can provide sufficient habitat to restore the bird population. We just need to provide the essential ingredients and stop using pesticides. No petitions, no donations, no bureaucracy. We can simply stop being the problem by changing the way we garden.

Birds need 70% native plants in their range to maintain healthy population levels.* That's approximately 2/3 native plants, and that's our goal.

If we could plant even half of our 40 million acres of lawn in 2/3 native plants, pesticide free, we could turn the bird losses into gains.

If all our yards and parks and campuses become Two Thirds, they will eventually connect and create life-filled corridors of habitat. A life-saver for our birds, our biodiversity, ourselves.

* Tallamy et al.

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Everyone, everywhere, can be part of the solution. You can make an easy, instant, positive effect on any property.

Make a simple commitment: plant 2 native plants for every 3 and use no pesticides.

Sign THE LIST to cement your commitment and see who else is doing it. Access to Tools has all you need to know to get started and go far. Case Studies shows you what Two Thirds projects look like. Events puts you in touch with other 2/3ers. Put your property on the The 2/3 Map. Activate your community with 2/3 Graphics and Templates.

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